Winton started to learn piano with me in summer 2015

Winton started to learn piano with me in summer 2015, when he was just 6 years old. Before I started to teach him, his mother said he is a smart boy but he cannot always can sit still, or can’t concentrate too long to do one thing. But at the end he accepted my pleasure way of teaching him, now he likes to play piano so much! His mother happily told me that he never saw Winton so concentrate of doing one thing. Sometimes I will play duet with him which he thinks is fun. You can learn the consistency, continuity from playing duet. After 2 years of teaching him, I have to move to Holland, he was very sad. His mother have tried to find another teacher for him, but until now he still couldn’t find one who can make him satisfied

Winton played Horse racing

Duet with Winton A Small World

Duet with Winton Rock around the clock

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