Piano education for all ages and levels


Piano education for all ages and levels


Welcome to my website!

My name is Cindy and I have over 20 years of experience in music & piano education. After I graduated from university, I became a full-time piano teacher. Besides teaching how to play the piano, I also provide advanced music lessons such as sight-reading, music theory, and aural training. 

For more than 8 years I have served as a translator during official grade examinations for the Associated Board of Royal College of Music (ABRSM). This in-depth experience helps me to prepare my students for the exams. Many of my students have scored “excellent” and have been selected as a performance at the ABRSM outstanding student concert.
Some of my students that I once taught have now become a piano teacher themselves, I am truly proud that they have been inspired to share their passion for music & piano. 

Most of my time is dedicated to teaching young children, teenagers, and adults at all levels. Do you want to learn classical music such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin? Or do you prefer playing modern and contemporary music, such as Einaudi and Yiruma? You can learn it all!
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Practice & Fun

Learning to play the piano should be fun, but daily practicing is needed to improve. 


Besides playing, it is also important to learn to read notes and know the history behind the songs.


Jayden, Jeremy & Charlotte

"Cindy is a great teacher. She is teaching our 3 young children. She is strict and firm, but also very approachable. The kids improved significantly since started lessons with her. We are very happy with her and especially our youngest daughter (5 years old) who adores Cindy very much. It is not easy to find a teacher who is firm but also fun! Great quality!"


My son has been learning from Cindy over a year now. The learning journey was tough but his improvement is impressive. He can read music notes now and play many songs. Even he's playing the song out of his head whenever he sees piano at his friends' place. I think Cindy has the talent to make young children listen, follow her instruction and make the piano learning fun. I hope my son will continue learning from her as well as his brother and sister soon."
Lea halim


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